Bobby Roberts

Rookie (3/3/93 - 3/3/? / I dont really know)

Biography of Bobby Roberts

Myself, looked upon with no emotions towards anything, but regret and misery. I grew up a bad boy, and shaped into a around all, logical, and very brillaint person.
My bio isn't want has happened in my life. Only of what is going to happen. You may want to know my past, but i hold the secret. I shall write a book some day on it. But for now, only 16 of age, i shall show you my present. And to you, it will be the past, although i only wait for your future. Updates

March 3rd

The day I will die,
is the day i was born.
Feeling torn inside,
I don't know if I can hide this
Should I go out with a bang,
or do it secretly with a bore.
so sore...
so sore...


I think some promises are ment to be broken.
You never know.

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