20 July 2017
The performance of a symphony orchestra in unison with a large choir can be classified as a super-organismic activity bordering on the divine.
16 April 2020
To those perplexed and sickened by the upheavals of the modern age I say: Visit often a carpenter's shop. Here, with the tools of yore, the lone carpenter labors on wood - the eternal raw material. Here the Chair is still a chair, the Table still a table, the Bed still a bed, and their creator Man is still a man.
21 April 2020
The nucleus of a single human cell contains all the information necessary To reconstitute a whole human organism. On the other hand, a single human brain- a homologous organ- Doesn't as yet contain information anywhere nearly sufficient To reconstitute a perfect society (a super - organism.)
22 April 2020
Few recognize greatness, when the great are humble, or mediocrity, when the mediocre are sociable!
22 April 2020
By laying a landmine one could be sealing the fate of someone a hundred years hence, though he is not yet born.
30 April 2020
Looking a couple of centuries ahead, One expects all those living now, to be dead; Their sole link to the future, besides the genes, To be jotted hues, tunes and ideas keen.
04 May 2020
Enduring pandemics Should Humanity take the path of evolving into an extremely complex society (human super-organism) it should be well prepared to bear the burden imposed on its components; millions of cells die daily in the human body(a cell super-organism) , yet we hardly empathize or even feel their plight while we enjoy their services. So Humanity, better prepare for millions of casualties as collateral damage in the service of this future human super-organism.
04 May 2020
I'd rather consult a terrestrial deacon Than search for an extraterrestrial beacon!
05 May 2020
A collection of amoebae will never constitute a multicellular organism for the amoebae have chosen not to compromise on their interpretation of the concept of individual freedom.
06 May 2020
I clearly see, during my lifetime, the development of the ‘nervous system' of an embryo of a human super-organism growing on the globe; telephone, radio, television, computers, the internet, communications satellites, GPS, Whats App etc…all working at the speed of light.

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