Bonnie B Long

Rookie (Chicago)

Bonnie B Long Poems

41. Things I Want To Say 3/12/2007
42. What Can I Do 3/12/2007
43. Your Eyes 3/14/2007
44. The Present 3/26/2007
45. Love Anew 3/28/2007
46. Why 1/21/2008
47. Love Hurts 1/21/2008
48. Three Little Words 1/21/2008
49. Seasons 1/21/2008
50. You Walked Away 1/21/2008
51. A Kiss 1/21/2008
52. This Day 2/18/2007
53. A Purpose 3/29/2007
54. Can You Do This 1/21/2008
55. Freedom Isn'T Free 1/21/2008
56. Hope 3/26/2007
57. Turmoil 3/9/2007
58. Pain 2/11/2007
59. Life's Little Problems 3/9/2007
60. Circles 2/11/2007
61. Lifes Little Moments 2/16/2007
62. Out Of The Darkness 2/13/2007
63. Empty Soul 2/15/2007
64. Forever 3/6/2007
65. I Have Found Where I Belong 2/11/2007
66. Life's Decisions 3/9/2007
67. Assuming 3/15/2007
68. Broken Marriage 2/26/2007
69. Family First 3/11/2007
Best Poem of Bonnie B Long

Family First

Friends may come and friends may go
Family is first and this I know
Putting friends first is a mistake
And not one that you should make

Family’s forever and this I know
Friends enter your life and then they go
Making friends is fun trust me with this
But not something you would miss

Love your family while they are here
Keep their love very near
Family can leave the world at any time
So don’t make yourself feel like slime

Family is here to comfort you
I know your friends do this too
Without your family you would be lost
Hold on to them no...

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My life is in circles don't know which way to turn
Do I go towards the light do I let myself burn.
The song says call my name and I'll be there
Will you, or will you leave me in despair?

Friends say what I feel is way too wrong
But I can't help this feeling it is too strong
My heart says this is oh so right
But at times my mind and heart are in a fight.

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