Bonnie Harding

Bonnie Harding Poems

1. I Wonder 11/9/2009
2. Thirty Years 11/22/2009
3. Don'T Think Of Me.... 11/22/2009
4. Life 12/5/2009
5. You Must Have Needed An Angel 7/2/2010
6. Jimbo's Song 7/2/2010
7. Because I Love You 7/2/2010
8. Dear Jim 12/1/2009
9. The Gift 9/14/2007
10. White Roses 2/2/2008
11. Only Your Love Can Heal Me 12/1/2009
12. Echos Of Life 11/16/2007
13. Gavin 8/11/2007
14. Damn I'M Lucky 10/12/2007
15. My Will 8/11/2007
16. Tomorrow 7/15/2007
17. Nature 7/15/2007
18. Daddy 8/11/2007
19. Writing 7/22/2007
20. Rest In Peace 7/25/2007
21. A Child Not Forgotten 9/14/2007
Best Poem of Bonnie Harding

A Child Not Forgotten

A child as a mother
You know in your heart
Not likely they'll make it
One's damned from the start

A child born too early
and there's not a sound
You pray for a miracle
then slowly break down

A child with no name
and future so bleak
not here to hold on to
was to tiny and weak

A child not forgotten
tho you need to say bye
to the one that you lost
but still makes your heart cry

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Tomorrow I'll be Wanted
Tomorrow I'll be Cared for
Tomorrow I'll be Needed
Tomorrow I'll be Adored

Tomorrow I'll be Special
Tomorrow I'll be Kind
Tomorrow I'll be Pretty
Tomorrow I'll be Fine

Tomorrow I'll be Happy
Tomorrow I'll be Free
Tomorrow I'll be Loved
Tomorrow's the death of Me

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