Bradley Lester

Rookie (18-07-1966 / Western Cape, Cape Town)

Bradley Lester Poems

361. Acts Os Love She Misses 5/7/2010
362. Don'T Be Scared 5/10/2010
363. I Cannot Live With You 5/10/2010
364. Cookies In Your Lunchbox 5/10/2010
365. She Handed Me My Ring Back 5/10/2010
366. Will It Be Too Late 5/10/2010
367. Is There Hope 5/10/2010
368. Please Remember That I Care 5/7/2010
369. Sometimes Words Can Miss The Truth 5/7/2010
370. I'M Stuck Inside Her Head 5/7/2010
371. I'M Not Sure Now Anymore 5/7/2010
372. Pitter Patter 5/7/2010
373. If You Love Me 5/7/2010
374. Hope The Weekend 5/7/2010
375. I Just Know That She Still Likes Me 5/10/2010
376. Roses Are Red 5/10/2010
377. Her Words Are Kind And Soft 5/10/2010
378. Broken Heart Will Mend In Time 5/10/2010
379. Does She Pray For Me? 5/10/2010
380. Is She Holding On For Fun 5/10/2010
381. What Is Love Without A Lover 5/26/2010
382. She's Using Me 5/26/2010
383. I Hate This Silence 5/26/2010
384. She Needs To Tell Me 5/26/2010
385. Aching Heart 5/5/2010
386. Please Just Be With Me 5/5/2010
387. Words Of Tears 5/6/2010
388. I'M Proud To Walk Next To My Babe 5/6/2010
389. My Baby Girl Is Feeling Down 5/7/2010
390. Loneliness Is All Around 5/26/2010
391. She Will Realise One Day 5/26/2010
392. The Door Has Closed 5/26/2010
393. Her Trust Is Gone 5/26/2010
394. The Rays Of Light Tell A Story 5/26/2010
395. Please Dont Leave Me 5/26/2010
396. I'Ve Given Up Cos I Don'T Care 5/26/2010
397. Giving All To Lose It 6/4/2010
398. Walk Away Or Sit And Stay 6/4/2010
399. I'M At The Crossroads 6/4/2010
400. Love Too Hard My Weakest Link 6/4/2010
Best Poem of Bradley Lester

A Few Simple Gestures

These are simple things I'd do, if you were mine to stay
I'd do these things, to show I care, the morn of each new day
I'd make you coffee, muffins too, and set them by your side
When you awake I'd kiss you 'hi', in you I would confide

I'd walk the miles in rain and sleet, to buy your favorite book
I'd walk back home, a happy man, along the gushing brook
The smell of fresh ground coffee, I enter and feel warm
I hand the covered book to you, still dry despite the storm

Your thankfulness is present, I see it in your eyes
You hold the book against your bosom, ...

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So Far Yet So Close

Between us there are many miles
But we are never far apart
Cos miles will never change
The feelings in my heart

Distance only seems to make
The heart grow so much stronger
Our friendship goes the distance
I think in fact much longer

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