Bradley Lester

Rookie (18-07-1966 / Western Cape, Cape Town)

Bradley Lester Poems

481. Will Anyone Give Me A Chance? 12/6/2011
482. Where Were You? 1/30/2012
483. I'M Trying To Fight My Anger 1/30/2012
484. Is This The Beginning Of The End 1/30/2012
485. What I Had Was Wonderful 1/30/2012
486. To Give Or To Take 1/31/2012
487. I'M Gonna Run From You 1/31/2012
488. Her Tears Let Her Cry 1/31/2012
489. Please Be My Valentine Just For Today 2/14/2012
490. I Really Miss Her Today 2/14/2012
491. I Dont'T Care No More 2/14/2012
492. I Wished She'D Speak Her Mind 2/14/2012
493. Sometimes When I Think 2/14/2012
494. My Love Was Never Guaranteed 2/14/2012
495. I'Ve Had Enough 3/23/2012
496. Deny My Feelings 3/23/2012
497. She Says I Am Her Bodyguard 3/23/2012
498. Knowing Her Was Finding Me 3/23/2012
499. Lonely Nights Are Haunting Me 2/14/2012
500. I'Ll Never Let Her Go 2/14/2012
501. She Thinks That I Am Mad 3/23/2012
502. Being The Fool I Was 12/1/2011
503. I Feel So Lonely Now That She's Gone 11/30/2011
504. Why Did You Do This To Me? 11/14/2011
505. Leaves Are Falling 6/4/2010
506. You'Re My Boo 7/5/2011
507. She's Placed A Wall 7/5/2011
508. Feeling Lustful For Your Touch 9/17/2010
509. Where To From Here 9/9/2010
510. She Thought I Was Unhappy 5/26/2010
511. Forget Me Not 5/7/2010
512. Aching For Her Body 5/6/2010
513. Thinking Of My Friend Right Now 5/5/2010
514. She Never Wants To Lose Me 5/5/2010
515. My Mermaid Bride A Precious Sight 2/14/2010
516. Each Moment Of Each Day 2/18/2010
517. I'M Sorry For The Pain I Caused 11/18/2009
518. Is She Busy Or Just Ignoring Me 11/3/2009
519. I Found The Greatest Treasure 10/26/2009
520. She Needn’t Be Afraid 8/24/2009
Best Poem of Bradley Lester

A Few Simple Gestures

These are simple things I'd do, if you were mine to stay
I'd do these things, to show I care, the morn of each new day
I'd make you coffee, muffins too, and set them by your side
When you awake I'd kiss you 'hi', in you I would confide

I'd walk the miles in rain and sleet, to buy your favorite book
I'd walk back home, a happy man, along the gushing brook
The smell of fresh ground coffee, I enter and feel warm
I hand the covered book to you, still dry despite the storm

Your thankfulness is present, I see it in your eyes
You hold the book against your bosom, ...

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Happy Birthday Baby

My dearest Love

I wish today that you'll find complete peace within you're heart
I wish today that a sense of calm embraces you and comforts you
I wish today that you feel proud of who you are
I wish today that you will take a few minutes to reflect on what a wonderful person you are
and what you mean to others
I wish today that you will take a few minutes to reflect on your own specialness and your own kindness
I wish today that you will be surrounded with laughter and smiles

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