Bradley Lester

Rookie (18-07-1966 / Western Cape, Cape Town)

Bradley Lester Poems

601. I Need A Sign To Know 8/7/2009
602. Melting Words Of Kindness 8/13/2009
603. I’m Missing You Right Now 8/18/2009
604. A Sweet Reminder That You Are There For Me 5/18/2009
605. Her Best Friend 5/12/2009
606. Intimate Moments 5/27/2009
607. Am I Man Enough 5/14/2009
608. Mixed Feelings......... 4/23/2009
609. Live For Today Only 4/29/2009
610. Second Chance Perhaps? 5/7/2009
611. You Didnt Wear Your Ring 5/8/2009
612. The Cuddly Reminder 5/8/2009
613. So Many Times... 6/2/2009
614. Treasured Memories Of The Past 2/14/2012
615. A Caring Mom 7/19/2011
616. I Love My Baby Boy 7/22/2011
617. I Guess I Wasn'T Good Enough 1/31/2012
618. I'M So Sorry Baby Girl 6/1/2009
619. I'M So Grateful For Your Love 4/23/2010
620. The Most Beautiful Bride Ever 11/17/2009
621. Please Dont Push Me Away 5/12/2009
622. Thank You For Your Wonderful Kind Words Of Love.................. 4/30/2009
623. I Promise I'Ll Stop Loving You 6/15/2009
624. I'Ve Been Hurt 11/16/2009
625. Treated Unfairly 6/10/2009
626. Please Take Me Back Speech 5/10/2009
627. A Walk Along The Beach 5/4/2009
628. Loving Someone That Doesnt Love You Back 9/9/2010
629. Baby, Please Don'T Feel Lonely 5/25/2009
630. I Love You More Than Just A Friend 5/19/2009
631. I Gave You My Heart 11/14/2011
632. I Wish You Strength Today My Friend 7/29/2009
633. You Are Always In My Thoughts 11/2/2009
634. I Am A Bad Person At Times 6/17/2009
635. I Choose Darkness Over Light 5/27/2009
636. I Simply Cannot Find The Words 11/16/2009
637. You Were The Wind Beneath My Wings 5/26/2009
638. When You'Re Feeling Down 8/7/2009
639. I'M Thinking Of You During This Time 6/8/2009
640. Can A Wish Come True? 5/1/2009
Best Poem of Bradley Lester

A Few Simple Gestures

These are simple things I'd do, if you were mine to stay
I'd do these things, to show I care, the morn of each new day
I'd make you coffee, muffins too, and set them by your side
When you awake I'd kiss you 'hi', in you I would confide

I'd walk the miles in rain and sleet, to buy your favorite book
I'd walk back home, a happy man, along the gushing brook
The smell of fresh ground coffee, I enter and feel warm
I hand the covered book to you, still dry despite the storm

Your thankfulness is present, I see it in your eyes
You hold the book against your bosom, ...

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Missing And Wishing

Her eyes were warm and seeking
Her smile just melted my heart
Her lips were full and soft
Oh why did she us part

Her hands were soft and tender
Her voice was kind and warm
Her laugh was full and fiery
I find myself to mourn

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