Bradley Lester

Rookie (18-07-1966 / Western Cape, Cape Town)

Bradley Lester Poems

281. Robbed Of Life With You Is Hard 4/21/2010
282. Broken Promises Day By Day 4/21/2010
283. I Can Only Think Of You 4/22/2010
284. Feeling Helpless 4/22/2010
285. I Tried My Best 4/22/2010
286. Why Do Good Men Always Lose 4/22/2010
287. Thank You For The Words You Speak 1/14/2010
288. Can I Kiss You Lips So Warm? 1/14/2010
289. What Is Love? 4/22/2010
290. I Thought She Was The One 4/22/2010
291. Feeling Sorry For My Babe 4/22/2010
292. My Baby Girl Is Sweet Like Suga 4/22/2010
293. Cellphone Ringing 4/22/2010
294. My Wing Is Broken 4/22/2010
295. Wondering If I'Ll Ever Be 4/22/2010
296. Please Be Patient 4/22/2010
297. Loving You Is Fun 4/26/2010
298. Am I Just A Puppet? 4/26/2010
299. Mermaid Dress I'D Love To See 4/26/2010
300. Wish Or Want 4/26/2010
301. I'M Never Sure Of How She Feels 4/26/2010
302. Does It Mean I Have To Wait 4/26/2010
303. Ring Or Sting 4/26/2010
304. Anger Walking 4/26/2010
305. Tell Me Now I Need To Know 4/26/2010
306. Broken Promises She Makes 4/26/2010
307. She Doesnt Seem To Really Care 4/26/2010
308. When To Carry On Or Stop 4/26/2010
309. Reddend Rose 4/26/2010
310. Running Madly Never Rest 4/26/2010
311. She Looks Wonderful Tonight 4/26/2010
312. I Don'T Care 4/26/2010
313. Damn This Anger 4/26/2010
314. I Just Dont Care No More 4/26/2010
315. Never Knowing What To Say 4/26/2010
316. Taking A Step Back 4/26/2010
317. I Will Never Know 5/5/2010
318. I'M Sad It's Over 5/5/2010
319. Tearful Memories 5/5/2010
320. I Am Just A Friend Once More 5/5/2010
Best Poem of Bradley Lester

A Few Simple Gestures

These are simple things I'd do, if you were mine to stay
I'd do these things, to show I care, the morn of each new day
I'd make you coffee, muffins too, and set them by your side
When you awake I'd kiss you 'hi', in you I would confide

I'd walk the miles in rain and sleet, to buy your favorite book
I'd walk back home, a happy man, along the gushing brook
The smell of fresh ground coffee, I enter and feel warm
I hand the covered book to you, still dry despite the storm

Your thankfulness is present, I see it in your eyes
You hold the book against your bosom, ...

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Brads Quotations 1-20

Tears are expressions and feelings from the heart, that are unable to be transformed into words.

Love cannot read or understand words, it can only relate to actions.

A true friend will not interfere in an argument, but when the one partner storms out and shuts the door, the true friend with still be there to comfort the partner that remains in the room, alone and hurt.

Friends may brush your heart from time to time, but a true friend will brand your heart with love and warmth, that feel

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