Bragg Adocio

Rookie (3.5.91 / Perris)

Biography of Bragg Adocio

My specialty Is love poems, though it hasn't always been that way. I gave up poetry for a while, finding it a lost cause that I had no skill for, that is, until I found a certain 'raven' a few years back to spark a creative fuse. Poetry is how I fly, and she gives me wings, so I guess I was wrong about not having a hand for writting. I just never found someone who can help guide that hand.
I use poetry as a way to speak, since I can't say how I really feel without sone sort of consequences in the real world, the poet world serves as my true America and my first ammendment for my heart and soul. Updates


Give me just one second and I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Give me a minute and I will blow your mind full of holes, tear asunder your reality and lose you in the infinite space which is found in the ever growing tangents of this moment.
Give me this moment and I will push light into the slow lane so your mind can have enough room to carpool with truth, see reality as a series of theories and a ball of string as the very fabric of space and time.
Give me light And I will show y

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