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About myself:
After 39 years of sweating the energy in Tata Steel’s production units, how can one think of writing literature at the age of 62 years? But I have ventured into that folly by chance or intentionally I do not know. One thing is quite clear in my mind that my irresistible desire to explore into the realms of writing literature has perhaps pushed me to attempt to make impossible, possible.
I have profoundly engraved dictum in my life that learning is process of exploring into areas unlearnt till now. So more you learn, you become more and more passionate to learn more. Perhaps this has been the driving force in my literary endeavors. I have been active in literary pursuits since my school days and later on during college years also. Being a student of science finding love for writing seems quite contradictory. But living with contradictions has been my foray and I do not want to detach myself from that.
How much successful I am or I will be as a writer is for the readers to judge. I swear to deliver stories and poems which emerge from my heart as a fountain of nectar.
If you go through my story book “Chhanv ke sukh” in Hindi, you would feel that the stories are knocking at the doors of your own lives so as to make you more emotional, sensitive and sensible. These qualities are continuously vanishing from human hearts. So my effort in making a man, more humane through my literary pursuits would be best appreciated if you go through my writings in this site and on other sites whose addresses are given
under section " Published works" .

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