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1. Most Beautiful Ones 5/1/2007
2. Mind Is A Garden: Take Care Of It! 6/2/2007
3. Patiently Waiting On You Lord 6/11/2007
4. Acceptance 6/13/2007
5. Life-Long Music 6/15/2007
6. My Lost King 6/16/2007
7. Long-Live Christians! 6/16/2007
8. Great Peace Of Perfection 6/16/2007
9. Completed By You 6/16/2007
10. Blessing From Father 6/21/2007
11. Adam & Eve 6/22/2007
12. Unprepared For Your Storm 8/2/2007
13. Great Reward! 9/22/2007
14. Entwined Hearts 10/24/2007
15. Faith (Learn To Receive It) 2/26/2008
16. Change 3/10/2007
17. Lifetime 3/13/2007
18. Struggle For Peace 4/11/2007
19. I Am Queen To My King 4/10/2007
20. My Wedding Vows 3/13/2007
21. Fall In Love 4/3/2007

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Best Poem of Brandi Cuff

Most Beautiful Ones

Beautiful are those who beholds the key...
That looks beyond the outter appearence....
That understands the beauty in thee.

Beautiful are those who understands love...
That it isn't shallow and should never be rushed.

Beautiful are those who has patience....
For they are the ones that are strong...
And through rough times they make it.

Beautiful are those who obtain knowledge....
For their wisdom is genuine and solid.

Beautiful are those who respects life....
And for happiness they choose to fight.

But the most beautiful ones of them ...

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Fall In Love

How many ways could you love someone?
There are many ways to express,
Try giving support to bad ideas....
Even when you know there not best.

Try fixing a broken heart with sweet words of simplicity
Maybe give a rough situation a little bit of sensitivity.
Go out and be an instrument of blessing,
A soft spot in a heart may need your finnessing.