Brandie Mejia

Rookie (05-17-1990 / Visalia CA.)

Biography of Brandie Mejia

I have lived a decent life i guess. My mother and father were devorced when i was 2 years of age. i have lived in both homes. i do admitt i have made some bad decisions but can you tell me someone who hasnt? i cant think of someone who has not made a mistake. i know my parents have my mom was 19 she turned 20 6months after i was born while my dad just turned 17 years old. well any ways when i was 15 years old i went to live with my father and that lasted oh i would say 6moths because he would beat me. i would limp to school every morning and i aslo had to support myself he wouldnt oay for my clothing or my lunch or nything he would even pay for the nessisary items every girl needs. so finlay i left i was kinda forced out of his home. i had a boufriend at the time his name was Joey sellers and he was and is my first real love. well anyways i had to leave him and i was not to happy about that at all i did not want to leave. when i turned 16 years old i never got my big sweet sixteen cause my aunt died a week after and that was the weekend i was having my birthday so i never got it. when i turned 17 years old i got kicked out like 3weeks after my birthday and even then i didnt really have a part i havent had an actual birthday party since i was like 5 years old but anyways as my storie gose i was forced to move back into my faters house after my mom knew how he was. i survived it thankfully. living with my father is like supporting yourself without being able to do what you want. i was forced to go to school at 7: 45 everymoring get home at 3: 10 then go to work untill 10: 00p.m. then go home cook dinner and clean. i also was forced to pay for everything i needed i also had to pay for tubs to put my clothes in my fater wouldnt buy my a dresser and so i was forced to pay for tubs. before i went to my fathers house i had $800 that i could touch not in cluding my $3200 dollars for my down payment to my car thats in a cd account with my bank. well on my 3dr moth there i had a whole $20 in the bank i also had a job so you can kinda see what i had to do to stay im stiting at this computer tell you how i lived my life but to get back to the storie. now you can get an idea what kinda mess i had to put up with. one day i went to the counseling office at sparks high school and i was expalaining some things to my conseler and she was going to help me be emansipated and help me get on my feet. my mother found out about it and forced me to move back to her house. now im in stiting here writing about my life. writing about how i got started writing poetry it all started when i was 15 and had to leave my fathers house thats where i got the idea of 'young'

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I Still Love You

when i let you go
i didnt want to
when i told you i wan't you to see other people
i lied
i didnt want to let you go i had to
the only one i want you to see is me
how i feel so bad for leaving you
was it the right thing to do?
did we do right by saying goodbye?

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