Brandie .....

Rookie (12/22/94 / Grant hospital Columbus Ohio)

Biography of Brandie .....

All of my poems come from my heart. I use personal experiences and others in my words. I write music and stories also. School is the most important thing in my life. I believe in a great education and hard work. My family is my importance in my life also. I try to do everything in my power to try to help everyone and everything. These are the people that motivate me and give me great confidence.

Brandie .....'s Works:

None but I wish that I could get mine to that point... Updates

True Friends

If your a true friend, your a good friend,
your a secret keeper, mind changer,
non backstabber, non rumor maker,
always there for each other,
always sticking up for one another,
you never say no when asked for help,
but still never get involved when your two friends are in a misfit.


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