Brandon Adcock Biography

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where there is nothing to do but write music and poetry. Graduated high school in 2003, and wasted 6 months in Phoenix at ASU, figuring out that all a big city does to a small town guy is turn him into a belligerent drunken asshole. Packed up and moved back to Albuquerque where I now spend most of my time smoking and drinking, reminiscing and writing poetry about the one relationship that if I could change, would hope for an outcome like Groundhog Day, re-living those six months for the rest of my life. And to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't regret a day, nor change one. Also working on a solo instrumental guitar album, which has seemed to be moving at light speed as of late. Three tracks completed, four more half done, and at least seven buds waiting to blossom on the fret board.
I've found that the more you live life, the more people and things you will find contempt for, turning you into that grumpy old man or woman that you see at the grocery store and swear never to become, perpetuating the inevitable. Its going to happen, so why waste the time in trying not to be like that, when it’s going to happen.
I've also found that in life there are few things that bring happiness, and those things don't last long.
I refuse to watch the news or read the paper, because there's nothing on the news or in the paper that’s happy. It makes you wonder if life's worth living because one day you'll end up a headline, if not because of a tragic plane crash landing you on the cover, but in the obituaries. If there is a 'god', I think he/she just put us here as his form of entertainment, kind of like his/her ESPN. I wonder if he/she's got a top 10 every day of the stupidest shit people do. I'd like to see that one day.
Well I guess that’s enough, if you don’t have everything but a visual of me, maybe you should scroll up and read everything again. I gave a pretty concise description of myself, barring the physical, which isn't that important anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read all this. Wang don diddly dias signor.

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