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I'm called the Dying Romantic...probably because most girls never get to experience anything Romantic before they leave home...I changed that. Well that was my initial reason, but the more I looked into the name and continued to pursue knowledge of the English language, I discovered the era of Romanticism, and found that my style of writing was very similar, dying was added in as most of my poems tend to lead towards death and/or suicide. For what little it is it's how I earned my title. I'm a total nerd...love anime, books of all kinds...and have an interest in the occult, but am by no means obsessed with it. I've always been considered the 'dark and scary' kid around when I hit junior high, and I think this is because of my choice of music, I love rock and metal. This just seemed to separate me farther from my classmates, who all enjoyed Pop. I use real people for most of my inspiration so I have to thank anyone that has ever been close to me in life, and of course my current special someone. Their who anything new will normally be about. I write for the joy of it, not for silly titles or classifications. Thanks for taking an interest, and keep reading!

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Girl In The Chair

'Girl in the Chair'
She sits there sipping on her water,
her mind in another place,
she has no idea,
that I'm staring at her face.
She sits in her chair,
without a care.
Ashley, do you know why I do this?
Simple bliss.