Brandon Nothing

Biography of Brandon Nothing

I am 17 years old, I have always been into writing ever since about grade 4 when i wrote short stories about pokemon(lol) . But since then I have written a novel that is unpublished called Pale Moon and I am currently working on trying to transcribe 100 pages of poems typed, however such things take time and patience. My favorite bands are In Flames and Linkin Park, i like to think philosophically about life and I really enjoy poetry since it isn't as demanding with grammer :) My favorite style of poetry is gothic as it can be persistently seen throughout my poetry I like dark poems they make me happy >.>

Brandon Nothing's Works:

(I have two books however they are unpublished they are handwritten)

Pale Moon- 238 page fantasy novel
Dark Perspective- my poem collection which is still unfinished but in work (now have 35 pages of typed poems) Updates

Mitosis Part 3

They call it a phase
I call it they’re right
What if I was never meant to belong?
Maybe my dice didn’t roll
They wouldn’t work for me
It burns as it leaves
It burns as it comes
I guess that makes us pyros

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