Brandon Nothing

Biography of Brandon Nothing

I am 17 years old, I have always been into writing ever since about grade 4 when i wrote short stories about pokemon(lol) . But since then I have written a novel that is unpublished called Pale Moon and I am currently working on trying to transcribe 100 pages of poems typed, however such things take time and patience. My favorite bands are In Flames and Linkin Park, i like to think philosophically about life and I really enjoy poetry since it isn't as demanding with grammer :) My favorite style of poetry is gothic as it can be persistently seen throughout my poetry I like dark poems they make me happy >.>

Brandon Nothing's Works:

(I have two books however they are unpublished they are handwritten)

Pale Moon- 238 page fantasy novel
Dark Perspective- my poem collection which is still unfinished but in work (now have 35 pages of typed poems) Updates

Dead Inside

Turn to despair
You’re never there
So sad to see
What became of me
Endless turns to follow
Lost in this hollow
Watch our Eden burn to the floor
Torture waiting behind every door
Stop and exasperate

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