Brandy Avery

Rookie [Baverykat] (12-03-1987 / Sioux Falls sd)

Biography of Brandy Avery

Mother of two. Loves cats, football, the violin, and her hubby and kids. I have been sick with seizers and faint often. During the time of dealing with my health my children's father became abusive. He beat me and the kids and l was not allowed to see my family. Now I am in a relationship with a great man and I am finally happy. Updates

~ Suí Liom Féin... ~

Suí liom féin agus crackle na crainn.
Suí liom féin agus na páistí álainn gáire.
Suí liom féin agus mo chroí sosanna.
Suí liom féin... Aonair.. Alone...
Ceithre gcroí ar fhuinneog,
An mbeidh grá maireachtáil, nó a fanacht beo?
Nuair a bheidh mé ach cuimhne, beidh tú dearmad orm?
Suí liom féin agus ag iarraidh a grá dó.
Suí liom féin agus ag iarraidh a gáire.

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