Brandy Avery

Rookie [Baverykat] (12-03-1987 / Sioux Falls sd)

Biography of Brandy Avery

Mother of two. Loves cats, football, the violin, and her hubby and kids. I have been sick with seizers and faint often. During the time of dealing with my health my children's father became abusive. He beat me and the kids and l was not allowed to see my family. Now I am in a relationship with a great man and I am finally happy. Updates

~time Stands Still~

Time slows as I am waiting for you to be by my side. I lost my soul and my hearts locked up inside. When you are here you will melt the ice that surrounds my heart. You will fill the empty part. I have met the one to fill my void. Till now, when you are the one I've been waiting for. Until you walk threw that door. I won't be sad anymore. I

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