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im brandy. ive been writing since i was six. writing is a way to express different things. if i cant say the words out loud writing them down helps me. or if i dont know how to say something writing it down helps me get an idea how to say it. i write all kinds of poems.. some i free write and leave it as it is others i fix. but either way it comes from my heart.. Updates


i went to church today, i seen so many fake faces all smiling like their lives are good& no problems at all bragging about this and that about money they dont really have. All of em just putting on a show. making people think and feel low, thats not why we go to church though. We go to learn about Heavenly Father, Our bestfriend our God. How he healed the sick, how he made the LAME walk, the DUMB talk, and the BLIND to SEE. How HE is ALWAYS there for YOU and ME.
July 4,2012

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