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Im 18 and i absolutely love music! i sing non-stop! lol
i have my days where i really get into peotry and sit on my bed for hours reading it..
I haven't written many poems but i love it when im writing. sometimes it just comes to me and other times it really makes u think... Updates

Thougts Of You

Every night I lay awake thinking of what we used to be,
Only because to my heart you are the one who has the key.
Why is it that every time I turn around you are mad at me again?
Can’t we just forget the past and move on as being friends.
I never understand the things you say,
I can’t deal with the pain when you treat me this way.
Some days I really wish that we had never even met,
Only because you have caused me so much pain and regret.
In the end I know how things will be,

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