Bravig Imbs

(1904 - 1946 / Milwaukee)

Biography of Bravig Imbs

Bravig Imbs poet

Bravig Imbs was born in 1904 in Milwaukee to Norwegian-American parents. A graduate of Dartmouth College, he worked as a proofreader for the 'International Edition of the Chicago Tribune in Paris.

In Paris he befriended George Antheil, Pavel Tchelitchew, René Crevel, Georges Maratier, and later Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. In 1931, his wife Valeska gave birth to a child, and Gertrude Stein ended their friendship because of her aversion of childbirth.

He wrote novels, poems and a memoir, and played the harpsichord. He translated some poems by Georges Hugnet. He also co-wrote books with Bernard Fay and André Breton.

In 1944, he worked as a radio announcer, under the pseudonym of 'Monsieur Bobby'. He was killed in a car accident shortly afte

Bravig Imbs's Works:

The Professor's Wife
Eden—Exit this Way, and Other Poems (1926)
Bernard Faÿ's Franklin: The Apostle of Modern Times (co-written with Bernard Fay; 1929)
Confessions of Another Young Man
Yves Tanguy (co-written with André Breton; 1946)
The Wind was There (co-written with Michael B Matthews; 1982)

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slowly the ponderous doors of lead imponderous
pushed by a wedging force unthinking opened
how like a cloud I floated down the dim green air
unthinking of the soft violence of odorous winds
the falling plaint of hidden violins
and eyes

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