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1. Sleep 1/12/2007
2. My True Emotions 1/12/2007
3. This Sister, Is Weak 1/13/2007
4. When The Last Leaf Falls 1/5/2007
5. Today's My Winter Formal 1/27/2007
6. Lets Make It Clear 2/9/2007
7. Eyes Of Sadness 2/11/2007
8. For Me Alone 2/12/2007
9. Cry 2/12/2007
10. That Day 2/15/2007
11. No One Knows 2/15/2007
12. The End 2/15/2007
13. Please Tell Me 2/15/2007
14. Days Like These 2/23/2007
15. What Boredom 3/17/2007
16. This Song 3/17/2007
17. New Day 3/31/2007
18. And It Hurts 4/27/2007
19. I Dream 2/3/2007
20. I Forgive You (One Of Many) 2/3/2007
21. This Is The Healing Process 2/4/2007
22. Time 2/3/2007
23. You Don'T Know It 7/2/2007
24. Sick Of It 7/3/2007
25. Line Without A Hook 8/1/2007
26. Broken Art 8/2/2007
27. Want To Live Again 8/2/2007
28. You Hurt Me 6/26/2007
29. Starbucks How I Love Thee 2/3/2007
30. I'Ll Be There 7/2/2007
31. So You'Re Really Leaving Me 1/26/2007
32. I Can'T Anymore 5/23/2007
33. This Isn'T You 1/29/2007
34. Crying 1/12/2007
35. And He Left Me 1/24/2007
36. Am I Fooling Myself 2/5/2007

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Am I Fooling Myself

i say i really love you
and i think about you day and night
but am i fooling myself by doing all this
im begining to think that i truely am
deep down inside i just want a boyfriend so i can flaunt it to the world
so i can show those who didn't want me before that now it's too late
you see i've been thinking
if i was to really be your girlfriend, once i showed the world i had you i would love you no more
it's not fair to you or me
because im messing with both of our emotions, this cant be
am i fooling myself?
have i gotten so deep into my lies that im believing...

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This Sister, Is Weak

this is all i feel
the deepest sadness there is
lets end this now
let the skys recieve one more
because depression is all i feel
no more smiles, only tears
no more hugs, only fears
life shouldn't be this way for me
i deserve better

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