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When I write, I clear my mind...
I do and say everything that I was afraid to accept while awake, in my Conscious self, surrounded by the world around me...

I guess my explaination of it doesn't make sense on account of, when I write, I am awake, in my Conscious self, and surrounded by the world around me...
But most of what I know and what I am doesn't make sense either...
That's what's beautiful about it all, I suppose...
I discover things as I go... even if explainations are down to a minimum...

I am a human that's being...
What more can I say?
Alot I guess.
But I'm just one of those people that has to be known through people to people interaction...

I will say this:
I like to smile... It's a lovely feeling.

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I've had my poetry published numerous times but no books yet...
The farthest I've gone with books was for nanowrimo.
But given time- I'll have books out there.
Just wait and see.
=] Updates

Fade Away

I’m crippled by the stars that glisten outside the night sky.
Burning me with their silver essence.

Quivering behind dark eyes,
Hiding from the temptation set in front of me,
I remain quiet and alone.

Time and time again-

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