Brenda Dillishaw

Rookie (11/19/92 / Tal)

Biography of Brenda Dillishaw

hi my name is Brenda Dillishaw and i live in rattan ok i have always wrote poems when i mad or sad its something that i just do. my mom thinks it crazy and laughs at me. but she always says there good. some how i never believe her.i also have 16 brothers and sisters there all older then me but am ok with that is good am i have one of my sister pg and my brother just had a son so my life is not gr8t but it would do

Brenda Dillishaw's Works:

i have never had a published book before but i would like to try lol that would be kool Updates


we talk about boys and flirt a little or a lot
we always talk with each other to class and lunch

we all have our own group
of friends but we have ours

Me and you and others all have our
own circle on lunch brake

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