Brenda Firth

Rookie (November 4,1933 / North Vancouver B.C. Canada)

Biography of Brenda Firth

Brought up in a home where Elves dwelt in the light bulbs and Fairies hid in the garden, I loved my childhood, was blessed with a great family (even if I include my 10 children) and now live an adventurous life of learning, teaching and travel, with my husband Doug. I love the written and spoken word and will likely keep writing poetry until I can no longer lift my pen...or punch the keys of the computer.

Brenda Firth's Works:

No Books to date.
Colour me Gray 1992
A Garden...Lost 1996
Sequel in the making 2006
Butterfly Thoughts 2007 Updates

Butterfly Thoughts

As fragile as a butterfly wing
as swiftly blown away
my memories take flight at times,
sail to some distant bay

Yet, now and then they gently light
within my wooly head
and with a powdered fluttering
they bring me peace, instead

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