Brendan Bonsack

Biography of Brendan Bonsack

Brendan Bonsack is a poet and songwriter. His works have appeared in printed and online formats, and have been translated into Polish and Russian. He is a regular performer of spoken word and has produced numerous poetry films.

His music and writing can be found at

Brendan Bonsack's Works:

How Many
Two Hands of the Same Thumb
Wire Walkers
The Dances
At the Edge of Forget
By String, By Sticky Tape
We Were Stones We Were Stones
Like a Bird's Bones Updates

After The Fire

on return
the house seems bigger
the demarcations
of family life
slumped to a black morass

charcoal gloves spread
from thumb to wrist
you pick through
the warm talcum gives
no resistance

as if this were the natural
state of your things
unnamed, unsided
waiting for your fingers
to form them