Brendan Whitman

Rookie (August 23rd 1989 / Rhode Island)

Biography of Brendan Whitman

Im 19 years old and I enjoy writing poetry. I have been writing poems and lyrics for about 3 years now. My father passed away on March 13th 2003 when he was shoveling snow with me and my brother Chad. I was 13 years old, the number seems to follow me around so I like to bring that into my poetry.

I graduated Coventry High school, barely. Not many people in that school believed I could do it, but I didn't do it for them. Never was one for school, but My English teacher Mr. Marc Blevins really inspired me to just do my own thing.

I really don't care if you don't like it or respect it.

Most people wouldn't understand anyway.

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Shine Without Envy

I shine without envy
I work hard and don't pretend to be
the nicest guy with the greatest intentions
I don't ask for a lot but
respect my name when its mentioned
or you can catch a pair of hands
maybe that can help hold your attention
I got a cold heart I'm not trying to act friendly
and I don't know what I intend to be

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