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Brendon Langeveldt Poems

1. Woman 7/24/2012
2. Dear Music 7/24/2012
3. You'Re A Queen 7/24/2012
4. Ode To My Twin Sisters 7/24/2012
5. What Do We Do 7/24/2012
6. I Would 7/24/2012
7. I Wonder 7/24/2012
8. Follow Your Artline 7/25/2012
9. Darkness 7/25/2012
10. Tell Him 7/25/2012
11. The Great Deception 7/25/2012
12. The Last Goodbye 7/25/2012
13. Ode To An Abused Mom 7/25/2012
14. Generation X 7/27/2012
15. Positive Heart 7/27/2012
16. We Have Faith 7/27/2012
17. Broken Promises 7/27/2012
18. Shakespeare Regrets 7/27/2012
19. Thought I Had You 7/26/2012
20. Remembering Our Soldiers 7/25/2012
21. My Unborn Child 7/25/2012
22. Never Gone 7/25/2012
23. The Final Chapter 7/28/2012
24. We Are Earth 7/25/2012
25. This Is Why I Love You 7/27/2012
26. In Transit 7/27/2012

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In Transit

In transit
by Brendon Langeveldt on Tuesday, October 7,2008 at 10: 42pm ·

On my way to work,
I focus on doing my work.
Being productive,
Getting into that frame of mind.

I get myself into 'work' mode,
psyche myself for the day.
So when you try and talk to me,
then you are getting in my way.

I like silence when Im riding,
from one place to another.
Maybe just the radio,
or an mp3, but please not Ne-Yo.

When I'm on my way home,
I'm shutting down 'work' mode.
So I dont have to take home,
a mental work ...

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Dear Music

Dear Music,

You've been there for as long as I can remember. From 1st January through to 31st December. From Summer to Winter, through Spring right to Fall. You've always been there, I don't even have to call.

I wanna say thank you for all that you are, all that you've done for me, you are my star.

Thank you for always knowing just what to say. You brighten my day even when skies seem all dark and grey. Thank you for you soothing words when I need to calm down, sometimes you're funny t

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