Brendon Langeveldt

Rookie (Cape Town)

Brendon Langeveldt Poems

1. I Would 7/24/2012
2. I Wonder 7/24/2012
3. Follow Your Artline 7/25/2012
4. Darkness 7/25/2012
5. Tell Him 7/25/2012
6. The Great Deception 7/25/2012
7. The Last Goodbye 7/25/2012
8. Ode To An Abused Mom 7/25/2012
9. Woman 7/24/2012
10. Dear Music 7/24/2012
11. You'Re A Queen 7/24/2012
12. Ode To My Twin Sisters 7/24/2012
13. Generation X 7/27/2012
14. Positive Heart 7/27/2012
15. We Have Faith 7/27/2012
16. Broken Promises 7/27/2012
17. Shakespeare Regrets 7/27/2012
18. Thought I Had You 7/26/2012
19. Remembering Our Soldiers 7/25/2012
20. My Unborn Child 7/25/2012
21. Never Gone 7/25/2012
22. The Final Chapter 7/28/2012
23. We Are Earth 7/25/2012
24. This Is Why I Love You 7/27/2012
25. In Transit 7/27/2012
26. What Do We Do 7/24/2012
Best Poem of Brendon Langeveldt

What Do We Do

I dunno how this all got started and I know you don't know either,
but nou het j die rol vani tweede meisie in my lewe.
A transition from a simple chat to complicated feelings,
and I know it hurt u so much to a point thats beyond healing.

You told me that you love en j wiet ek voel dieselfde,
but ek kry als van jou af en by my kry j die helfte.
It aint fair what we putting her through,
but in the same breath, I don't like what its doin to you.

Everytime when we togetha it is like the greatest feeling,
my heart bounce out my chest, straight through the ...

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Ode To My Twin Sisters

Growing up I got to know you as the big twin sisters that always stank when I came by.

You drew so much attention, from even those who flew by
You stood by, all these years and watched me grow from a small boy
To the man I came to be, officially apart of me

Never longed to see to see the two of you,
But everyone who did, knew
What you stood for and what you presence meant for us.

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