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41. I Just Don’t Know 12/6/2007
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47. Santorini 12/6/2007
48. Soulmates Forever 12/6/2007
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Soulmates Forever

Some may wonder if a soulmate can be a real thing or not.
Or if it's a sick and twisted novel without conclusion or plot.
If true... then where exactly do they fit in?
Did they skip an important chapter, and not know where to begin.

Many ideas skirt close to it - I'm sure,
Like feelings of deja vu, and having known each other before.
Similar interests.. too make a good ring,
But still not quite it... there's more than those things.

At times you may know each others thoughts without speaking,
Email or phone each other seconds apart from just ...

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The sight of you can overwhelm,
And scarce can take you in.
Amid treacherous climate and season short,
You’re cast in front of me.
The want to lie down inside of you,
And soak you from within.
Privately mine for this one moment,
Away from all to see.

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