Brett Strotman

Rookie (May 23,1992 / Corona California)

Biography of Brett Strotman

My name is Brett Strotman. I don’t talk that much unless I want to but most of the time I’m very quiet. I like all sorts of things like having fun with friends and just having a good and fun time. I’m very passionate about history and I like learning new and exciting things. I’m kind of all over the place wanting to study and learn exciting things. My dream is to visit the Great Wall of China someday in my lifetime and to travel the world. My other dream is to play baseball and hockey someday and become real good at the two sports and maybe play on a professional sports team one day. I also plan on one day on having one of my poems I wrote which is really special to me engraved in a golden plaque and hung on my wall, My other dream is to graduate with honors/high honors once I transfer to a 4-year college and major in astronomy. I like Chinese food and I hope to speak and write in fluent Chinese one day and to speak fluently in French, German, Italian, and Japanese someday. I’m very nice and friendly once you get to know me and be my friend. Well, that’s pretty much all there is to know about me, anything else you want to know about me just ask. Updates

My Heart Burns And Melts

My heart burns and melts with a pain and sickness

unlike this world has seen

for the tears and cries and pain and hurt of loved ones

my heart burns and melts with the ugliness which paints this world

a gloomy gray for the greed, violence, hate, and prejudice

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