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Bri Edwards Poems

361. Croak, Or Croak? ….. [definitions-Different; Semi-Limericky; Short; Inspired By And Dedicated To Valsa George And Her Poem: "Limerick- 72.When The Enemies Met"; Frog And Snake] 9/12/2016
362. Carmen Wants To Know. ….[3rd/Last Part Of Big Fat Cat Without A Hat Poem Series; Cats; Philandering; ‘marriage'/Relationship; Humour/Humor] 6/23/2016
363. Married To A Spy …. [mystery; Secrecy; Humor; Kind Of Short] 6/6/2016
364. You Can Take "Shady Haven" And Shove It! …… [old Age Defiance! ; Privileged People; Humor; Medium-Long] 6/6/2016
365. It Wouldn't Be The Same …. [history's Influence On Us As Individuals; Factors Making Us What We Are; Some Thoughts; Sort Of Short] 2/17/2016
366. Looking For Love... [inspired By P H Poet Kim Barney (He Is A Guy!) : Humor; Semi-True About Bri; Short (Enough) ] 1/29/2016
367. 40th-Year-Reunion Tears.... [fiction; Misunderstandings? ; Short Enough; Humor? ] 11/21/2015
368. If I Was Allowed To Dress You With A Poem...[see Poet's Note] 10/14/2015
369. A Showcase For P H Poets: November 2015: Section ' B '...[10th Monthly Showcase Of Poems; Some Changes; A New Poem Introduction! ; “fun”? ] 10/28/2015
370. Luck For Me.... [inspired By Loke Kok Yee; Short; Luck; Food] 11/9/2015
371. Balloon Wishes....... [littering; Consumer Consequences; Me] 8/8/2013
372. Tragic And Cursed Lives, Ha Ha..... [a Disrespectful Look At Tragedy; Humour (Really!) To Me Anyway) : Very Short] 1/3/2014
373. 100th Birthday [missed By 'Mom'] ...... [short; My Mom; Death; Serious But Not Sad] 1/10/2014
374. Christmas Cards ...... [keeping In Touch At 'The Holidays'; Personal; Short] 12/7/2013
375. Crabicide: Who Hides From It? ........ [cooking; Partners; Murder; Humor? ] 4/30/2013
376. A Sonnet, Defined...... [as Per Paul Brookes; Not In Sonnet Form] 11/20/2013
377. Ph Topic Field, “required”; My Response To Valsa …. [re Ph Topic Field, “required”… Find This Poem Listed Under “change” Or “crazy” Or “discrimination” Or “despair” Or “evil” Or “ 3/14/2014
378. Unheralded Poet.... [poets; Maya A.; Celebrity Status; Short; Good Works] 6/8/2014
379. The Pebble (Boink) .....[nature; Short; Humor; Birds] 5/15/2012
380. Zebra's Striped Ensemble........[humor; Nature; Short] 11/22/2012
381. A Poem For My Friend Angel.....'Bout Birds....[nature Observations; Personal] 11/13/2012
382. Y I Write..... [why I Write (Poetry Especially) : Personal; Fairly Short] 2/23/2013
383. Double-Duty Clothesline...... [domestic Life; Drying Clothes Outdoors; Birds; Short] 6/22/2013
384. Creation (Maybe Not What You Think) ......[girl-To-Woman; Baby-Making; Long; Relationships] 12/15/2012
385. May 2017's Showcase For Poemhunter Poets....[ A Mix Of This And That; 30 Or So Poems By 30 Or So Poets All On One (1) Page! ] 4/22/2017
386. Never Mix ' Tripe ' With Limburger Cheese! ... [ Inspired By Tom Billsborough Using 'tripe' In A P H Message Not Use 'tripe' The Way I Do In The Poem; Very Short] 4/26/2017
387. What Child Is This? ...[response To Tapan Saren's P H Poem, ' To The Parents Who Sought Abortion'; Very Short; Abortion; Personal; Not Humorous! ] 5/4/2017
388. Bri, Foiled [ ‘obstructed' ] Again! ! ! … [ My Mate Cares Too Much; True; Personal; Lack Of P H Time; June's ‘ Female Showcase'; July Is Reserved For Male Poets] 5/18/2017
389. July 2017's ' All-Male '-Showcase Of Poems Of & For Poem Hunter Poets ….[ A Selection By Bri, Of Poems For Your Enjoyment; Read Or Not! ] 6/19/2017
390. What Makes Bri Feel Bad....[personal] 11/13/2012
391. Will You, Wife, Be My Valentine? .... [a Valentine For Wife, With A String Attached; Sincere And A Bit Funny? ; Short] 2/14/2015
392. Southern Hospitality In Years Gone By? ..... [serious And Silly; Racial Prejudice; Short; A Cautionary Tale] 7/28/2014
393. (not-So-Pretty) Alice Threw The Looking Glass.... [rock & Roll Fairy Tale; Fantasy? ; 1970s; Short] 3/20/2015
394. 5th Wedding Anniversary...... [nicknames For Wives; How To Upset The Wife; Very Short] 6/7/2013
395. Stepdaughter's Response..... [my Stepdaughter's Poem Response To My Poem 'Bri's 'Forced-Visit' To The Finger Lakes, Sept.2014; Personal; Very Short; Humor] 7/7/2014
396. Agnostic-View (Mine) : God, You Blew It! (Or: God! You Blew It.) .... [believers Beware; Personal] 11/26/2013
397. The Downside And The Upside Of Using Lies .... [pros And Cons Of Lying; Some Advice; Short] 2/10/2014
398. You Woke Up.... [ An 'Echo Poem' To Lora Colon's Poem 'I Woke Up.....'; For Brian Johnston's February Acpc; Short-Medium] 2/16/2015
399. Mcdonalds And Me...[very Short; Junk Food; Humor] 10/29/2012
400. Still Boring, After Alllll These Years ..... [my Response To A Ph Poem; Retired, But Not Dead Yet! ; Retirement; Humor; Kinda Short] 6/9/2014
Best Poem of Bri Edwards

My English Sucks ….. [english ('poor') : Almost Medium Length; Education And Life; Ph- Inspired]

When I were schooled english wernt my thing.
My scores in English lurning no bells done ring.
Yea I grajaded but ain't english smart ….no lie!
Come end a school year the teach said 'By Bri.'

Was same in bilogy, math, jografy all that stuff.
I done did my best and guess my best were enough.
I did done grate at ball games and in trak run the mile.
I was a THREEletter man and made them girls smile.

I got payed for pumpin gas an turned 18 served my Nation.
For 'Bravry Under Fire' in the NAM I were town sensation.
Back home, all tired, I done gone back to the ...

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Purple....[humor; Short]

What can I write about purple, the color?
Over that above question I shall mull …. or
just make some stuff up you might just believe.
Let's see what Bri has up his sleeve.

Purple was the seventh color discovered by man.
It's the most often used color in a Chinese fan.
When someone acts silly, we say they are 'acting purple'.
The only word it rhymes with is the archaic word snurple.

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