Bri Edwards

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Bri Edwards Poems

481. 2013..... Happy New Year! ..... [serious; Being Thankful For My Good Fortune] 12/31/2012
482. 123.... Shabu.....[mystery Language Fun; Short] 1/26/2013
483. 'Why Are You Laughing? '.....[ Short; A Question My Mate Asked Me Recently; 1st Poem I Have Typed On This Dang Tablet] 4/16/2017
484. "Sun, Don't You Shine! ! " ………[ Written On A Sunny Day; Very Short; ½ True; Humor? ] 12/16/2017
485. Santa Comes! .....[ Holiday Cheer;Santa's Family; Family Planning? ; Very Short; Fantasy] 12/25/2017
486. H A P P Y .......-Machine!…[ Very Short; Fantasy ] 1/14/2018
487. Instructions For Doctors And Next Of Kin At My Death (Some Guidelines) ..... [death Time; Personal; In 6 Sections; Medium Length; 2006] 11/21/2013
488. James: My Grandson # 1...... [yeah, My Kid Popped One Out; Humor? ; New Kid On Earth; Personal] 4/7/2014
489. Barbed Wire Biscuits ……. [humor; Fantasy; Kind Of Long; Diet; Airport Security] 5/25/2014
490. 'Dust Sheep' ....... [humor; Housecleaning (Not): Very Short] 5/31/2014
491. I Will Survive...... [when A Relationship Is At An End; Male/Female; In Four Styles Of Poetry] 11/19/2013
492. ***soldier Recruiting: Come On, God! …… [military Recruiting; True Story; Short Enough; Mankind] 10/26/2014
493. (book #8) . Sheila And Clifford. A Modest Proposal. .... [suspense; Thoughts Of The Future; The Proposal! ] 3/7/2015
494. Ode To A Commode...Or....A Poem About Toilets....[short; Humor] 11/17/2012
495. Panties Showing.... [limerick...So It's Short! ; Peeping O'Reilly? ] 11/20/2013
496. 'Bon Voyage, Bottle' ........ [journey Of A Roadside-Tossed Bottle; Water Pollution] 12/5/2013
497. Shoe Relief....... [shoe Misery; Humor; Good Foot Etiquette] 8/4/2013
498. Happy Birthday To Bri! A Fantastic Step-Dad! [poem Written By S-D, Nona; Greeting Cards; Humor; Medium Length] 7/12/2014
499. Dementia.......Death ....... [dementia; Aging; Death; Short; Personal; Ph-Inspired] 10/2/2014
500. Bloodmobile Blunder …… [blood: Donating? ; Suspense? ; Humor? ; Mistake; A Little Long] 10/6/2014
501. Tattletale..... [human Behavior; Medium Length; Fault? -Finding; 'Whistleblowing'] 8/1/2014
502. Actc: 2015/02 Challenge Contest.... [where To Go For Entering, Voting, And Commenting In The February Poem Contest; Short] 2/2/2015
503. (book # 7) : Sheila And Clifford: Getting Better Acquainted....[first Winter; Sheila Tells Parents; No Proposal, Yet! ; Sex Preferences] 2/7/2015
504. If Money Grew On Trees ……….. [what Money Can And Can'T Buy; My Wishes; Personal; Short] 11/2/2014
505. Governor Brown’s 20% ….. [drought/Water Conservation; California; Personal; Humor; Very Short] 4/12/2014
506. Gourmet Meals Aka My Wife, The Cook …… [a Poem Suggested By My Wife; Personal; Food; A Little Long] 3/19/2014
507. Living With Me Is Like Living In A Zoo! ! .......[my Animal Qualities; Humor] 7/27/2013
508. Why Are There Sharks? ...... [my Wife's Question; Creation Of Animals; Philosophy? ] 8/29/2013
509. Smile ............. [very, Very Short; Not The Same As The Smiles Poem] 1/2/2014
510. Passion: A Bite Or Two..... [an Unexpected Dining Experience; Beware Of Strangers; Humor/Humour; Long, But Delicious] 3/15/2014
511. Keep Me From Backsliding (With Fingers) ..... [good Hygiene/Grooming? ; Personal; Very Short; Limerick; A Little Humor? ] 1/22/2014
512. Biker Days.... [motorcycle Riding; Very Short; Inspired By 'mandolyn'; Not Personal] 7/30/2014
513. Animal Husbandry...... [marriage; Humor; Interspecies Relationships; Medium] 6/24/2014
514. My Inglish Sucks - 2 …………… [english Skills; Humor? ; Beware The Words! ; Short; Requested Sequel] 9/28/2014
515. (book # 6) : Sheila And Clifford: Back In The States ….. [very Long; Ongoing New Romance; Sequel To Books 1-5; Fiction] 1/25/2015
516. (book # 3) : Sheila And Clifford: Sheila Speaks, Etc......... [love; Male-Female Relationship; Sociology; Part 3 Of 'sheila And Clifford'; Longish] 11/27/2014
517. Sticks ‘n’ Stones: Harmful Words... [apology; Hurt Feelings; Short; Personal] 4/12/2015
518. Snake, Lawyer, Stick …… [divorce; Courtroom Humor? ; Not Personal; Short-Medium] 6/22/2015
519. Bri's Tombstone....[ Fun; Side One And Side Two Of My Epitaph; Fantasy; Death; Memorial; Very Short] 1/13/2017
520. What Men Want In A Wife......[a Man's View; Inspired By Elisabeth Wingle's Marriage Bliss; Humor? ; Marriage Disturbances; Short] 9/10/2016

Comments about Bri Edwards

  • Janet Stewart (12/1/2013 6:24:00 PM)

    Bri thank you for your comments.

    1 person liked.
    2 person did not like.
  • Keith Fowler (9/23/2013 2:23:00 AM)

    Bri thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my poem it was much appreciated
    and fun.


  • Shahzia Batool Shahzia Batool (9/15/2013 6:07:00 AM)

    My Vote of Thanks!

    Dear Bri Edwards,

    I feel honored that you gave your precious time for evaluating My Scattered Thoughts series, I really treasure your time and substantial contribution according to which I'll edit my poems, and it is something I cannot reciprocate... or express my gratitude...There are many things we ignore simply or do not focus on punctuation and Grammar, and call it just a language barrier. Today I received your critique on Scattered Thoughts i, (and no.X already discussed) ...and I am enlightened about every point you discussed there. Your presence on the site is of substantial value for all of us...

    thank you so much...


  • Aswath Raman (8/17/2013 3:08:00 AM)

    Bri Edwards: I have alwas wondered how people are gifted with the talent of humor. Now, I have intentionally left the letter 'y' in always and I know if I did not tell that now, he'd correct me! An amazing poet Mr Bri Edwards and his level of crirical apprecition (darn! 'appreciation') with a pinch of humor is always great to look forward. A grammer (or grammar?) and spelling artist, he easily guides the poets for rectifying their mistakes and helps them to improve their work. I wish him all the success!

  • Ellias Anderson Jr. Ellias Anderson Jr. (3/10/2013 1:57:00 PM)

    Dear Bri Edwards, well, ..your style in poetry is like a waterfall of light, unique and nice. the stories and the observations that had been inspired you to write such works _ also the art works_ (i mean poems) are cool. and they get the best score when you mix them with humanity(your previous poem that i read) .your messages those are in your poems are so wealthy. i am always your poem's reader and hope to see more poems from you in the future. thank you pal.
    Your pleasure is my wish

Best Poem of Bri Edwards

My English Sucks …..[english ('poor') : Almost Medium Length; Education And Life; Ph- Inspired]

When I were schooled english wernt my thing.
My scores in English lurning no bells done ring.
Yea I grajaded but ain't english smart ….no lie!
Come end a school year the teach said 'By Bri.'

Was same in bilogy, math, jografy all that stuff.
I done did my best and guess my best were enough.
I did done grate at ball games and in trak run the mile.
I was a THREEletter man and made them girls smile.

I got payed for pumpin gas an turned 18 served my Nation.
For 'Bravry Under Fire' in the NAM I were town sensation.
Back home, all tired, I done gone back to the ...

Read the full of My English Sucks …..[english ('poor') : Almost Medium Length; Education And Life; Ph- Inspired]

Purple....[humor; Short]

What can I write about purple, the color?
Over that above question I shall mull …. or
just make some stuff up you might just believe.
Let's see what Bri has up his sleeve.

Purple was the seventh color discovered by man.
It's the most often used color in a Chinese fan.
When someone acts silly, we say they are 'acting purple'.
The only word it rhymes with is the archaic word snurple.

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