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Bri Edwards Poems

81. If I Woke Up, Black... [skin Color; Response To Diana Van Den Berg; Short; Humour; Fantasy] 3/15/2015
82. Another Door... [fate; Very Short; Response To Brian Stafford Poem On Ph] 3/17/2015
83. A Showcase For Ph Poets: May 2015: Section 'A'.... [sharing Poems; Not A Contest; Monthly On Bri Edwards' Ph Site] 4/30/2015
84. Night Crawlers And You! .... {horror; Short; Fantasy? ? ; Death For Some] 4/14/2015
85. Erotic (Sometimes) Poems (5) ……. [sex; Some Long; One Short; No One Under 13 Admitted Without Guardian’s Approval! ] 4/24/2015
86. (book # 12) : Sheila And Clifford: The Honeymoon (Part 2) , And More About Violet And Ike; Sheila Confronts Cliff] 4/25/2015
87. Recipe For A Naughty Wife.... [humor? ; Macabre; Short; Re Jak Black's Poem] 4/6/2015
88. Till Death Do You Part? .... [marriage; Caution; Love Lost; Short] 4/7/2015
89. Slow Down; Get Ready; Go! ..... [medical Intervention; Aging Humans; Death; Short; Inspired By S. Katona Poem] 4/6/2015
90. Two Dozen Un-Typed Poems ….. [ Poems I’ve Written On Paper; Ph Submissions? ; Medium] 10/11/2015
91. Backseat Driver In The Front Seat... [(Almost) Completely True Travel Story; Personal; Humor? ; Love? ] 9/19/2015
92. A Showcase For P H Poets: October 2015: Section ' A '.... [sharing Poems; Not A Contest; Monthly On Bri Edwards' P H Site] 9/27/2015
93. Abekah With (A) Few Seconds Left...... [a Serene Scene Of A Dying Poet; Inspired By Abekah Emmanuel; 'Fantasy'; Short] 8/21/2015
94. Asher …… [a Little Boy’s Words; True; Short] 5/16/2015
95. What Fruit For Ex-Spouses? ..... [humor; Very Short; Fruit; Ph-Inspired] 11/13/2014
96. Upon A Star ……. [dating Memory; 60 Percent True; Medium; Personal] 11/15/2014
97. Age-Erasing Strategy .... [personal Grooming; Very Short; Silly; Sort Of True; Personal] 7/31/2014
98. Voting: July,2014..... [challenge Poem Voting; Short; 'Contest'; Ph Fun] 8/3/2014
99. Gray Is In To Stay, Maybe ..... [aging; Gray/Grey Hair; Very Short; Thanks To R.A. Poteet For Inspiriing Me] 11/8/2014
100. Small Gifts: Contributing To Other's Happiness! .... [**; Nov. Challenge Poem Entry; Good Deeds; Kindness; Medium] 11/10/2014
101. Section C In February 2017's ' A Showcase For P H Poets...[ Up To 15 Poems From P H Friends; Expanding Horizons For P H Members & Visitors! ; Different Poems For Different Tastes] 2/20/2017
102. March 2017's Showcase For P H Poets With B I G ….C H A N G E S From Previous Months …[read The Explanation In My Intro-Poem Which Follows; Thanks; Whole Or Partial Poems] 2/27/2017
103. Y.A. Tittle..... [dedicated To Lynn W. Petty, Without Much Reason: Very Short; Life; Personal Humor] 1/10/2017
104. He Died For …… Y O U? …..[ Sacrificial ‘lamb'; Man's Best Friend? ; Kind Of Short] 12/2/2016
105. Section C In December 2016's ' A Showcase For P H Poets...[ Up To 15 Poems From P H Friends; Expanding Horizons For P H Members & Visitors! ; Different Poems For Different Tastes] 12/17/2016
106. Game 7: Hilton Versus Donump …[inspired By Casey At The Bat, By Ernest Lawrence Thayer, And By The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, And Babe Ruth; Medium Long; Fantasy Baseball] 11/19/2016
107. Just Three Words... [different Strokes For Different Folks; Dedicated To Lora Colon's Poem 'three Words'; Very S H O R T; Humor] 9/23/2016
108. Just Three Words... [different Strokes For Different Folks; Dedicated To Lora Colon's Poem ' Three Words '; Very S H O R T; Humor] 9/23/2016
109. Does Being Part Of A ' Larger Identity ' Make Us Less Lonely? …. [topic Suggested By Savita Tyagi; Medium] 6/10/2016
110. God: I Admit I Could Be Wrong! ….[ U..S. Declaration Of Independence (1776) : 'rights' Of Citizens; Slavery; God And Kong; Medium] 6/7/2016
111. " E ": My Answer To Diane Hine ….. [see Her Poem "Maybe"; Mankind's Survival ….Or Not; Perhaps Tongue-In-Cheek; Fairly Short] 3/12/2016
112. Treatment For A Stressful Day ... [my Response To Savita Tyagi's 'stress' Poem; Short; Humour/Humor? ; Ex-President] 3/10/2016
113. Treatment For A Stressful Day ... [my Response To Savita Tyagi's ' Stress' Poem; Short; Humour/Humor? ; Ex-President] 3/10/2016
114. Kid's A B Cs ……… [shorter And Sweeter Than "Adult A B Cs"; But Long; Words Starting With Each Letter Of English Alphabet; Rhyming Fun] 3/2/2016
115. Human Body Excretions Buffet …. [yes: What It Says! ; Personal; Medium Length; Touch Of Humor; Serious! ] 2/28/2016
116. What Good Are Memories? ……[memories Of A ‘departed'; A ‘life' Together; Feelings; Medium Length; Not About Me] 2/8/2016
117. Bri Edward's Body-Disposal Plan... [inspired By A Message From P H Poet Patti Masterman; Silly? ; End-Of-Life Decisions; Very Short; Fiction In Part] 2/9/2016
118. La Leche League International: (L L L I) …. [breastfeeding; Inspired By Eugene Levich; Untrue Story; Sexuality; Impulsive Actions; Long] 2/14/2016
119. Bible Lesson, New: Don And Bob... [the Bible Story That Was Hidden; Short, Very! ; Think About It! ! ; L G B T; Inspired By A Ph Message From Loke Kok Yee] 2/21/2016
120. The Real Snail Mail … [medium; Animal Kingdom; Copyright Law? ; To Whom It May Concern; Humor? ] 12/16/2015

Comments about Bri Edwards

  • Shahzia Batool Shahzia Batool (9/15/2013 6:07:00 AM)

    My Vote of Thanks!

    Dear Bri Edwards,

    I feel honored that you gave your precious time for evaluating My Scattered Thoughts series, I really treasure your time and substantial contribution according to which I'll edit my poems, and it is something I cannot reciprocate... or express my gratitude...There are many things we ignore simply or do not focus on punctuation and Grammar, and call it just a language barrier. Today I received your critique on Scattered Thoughts i, (and no.X already discussed) ...and I am enlightened about every point you discussed there. Your presence on the site is of substantial value for all of us...

    thank you so much...


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    0 person did not like.
  • Aswath Raman (8/17/2013 3:08:00 AM)

    Bri Edwards: I have alwas wondered how people are gifted with the talent of humor. Now, I have intentionally left the letter 'y' in always and I know if I did not tell that now, he'd correct me! An amazing poet Mr Bri Edwards and his level of crirical apprecition (darn! 'appreciation') with a pinch of humor is always great to look forward. A grammer (or grammar?) and spelling artist, he easily guides the poets for rectifying their mistakes and helps them to improve their work. I wish him all the success!

  • Ellias Anderson Jr. Ellias Anderson Jr. (3/10/2013 1:57:00 PM)

    Dear Bri Edwards, well, ..your style in poetry is like a waterfall of light, unique and nice. the stories and the observations that had been inspired you to write such works _ also the art works_ (i mean poems) are cool. and they get the best score when you mix them with humanity(your previous poem that i read) .your messages those are in your poems are so wealthy. i am always your poem's reader and hope to see more poems from you in the future. thank you pal.
    Your pleasure is my wish

Best Poem of Bri Edwards

My English Sucks ….. [english ('poor') : Almost Medium Length; Education And Life; Ph- Inspired]

When I were schooled english wernt my thing.
My scores in English lurning no bells done ring.
Yea I grajaded but ain't english smart ….no lie!
Come end a school year the teach said 'By Bri.'

Was same in bilogy, math, jografy all that stuff.
I done did my best and guess my best were enough.
I did done grate at ball games and in trak run the mile.
I was a THREEletter man and made them girls smile.

I got payed for pumpin gas an turned 18 served my Nation.
For 'Bravry Under Fire' in the NAM I were town sensation.
Back home, all tired, I done gone back to the ...

Read the full of My English Sucks ….. [english ('poor') : Almost Medium Length; Education And Life; Ph- Inspired]

Bri Is A Yodeling Fool

Stu said to me, Mr. Bri, : Let's go yodel-ing.
I, Bri, said: NO! I'll land my ass...IN a sling! .
But Stu was adamant; he thought it 'COOL'..... yodel. I thought Stu was a damn....FOOL!

But soon we were in the Swiss Alps, quite 'high'.
And a cute 'Swiss Miss' there made me sigh.
I yodeled for her day AND sometimes night.
I lost myself in yodeling; it was a true sad sight.

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