Bri Mar

Best Poem of Bri Mar

'' Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder ''

You can see it and hear it, it's a sensual taste,
Yes It is truly a gift to behold,
You can touch it or smell it on our senses it's based,
Aesthetically it begins to unfold.

So what is beauty how is it defined?
Is there a right or a wrong?
What is beautiful to someone who's blind?
To who or what does it really belong?

It can be hearing a song or a voice you love,
Which proves it doesn't need to be seen,
Thinking of the joys of Heaven above,
What you love someone else will demean.

Meeting your partner for the very first time,
Seeing ...

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'' If God Is Real ''

What religion is God does anyone know,
We worship so many as they all come and go,
New ones will appear every other day,
Are they right or wrong who is to say.

We have Christians and Muslims, Jehovah's and Jews,
Buddhists and Mormons there's Sikhs and Hindus,
There are thousands of others too numerous to mention,
What is it Gods have that attracts our attention.

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