Brian Jones

Rookie (date of death if applicable? are you serious? ? ? born,12-30-69)

Biography of Brian Jones

If you were a flower was written several years ago and I had not done much writing since. All it takes is one good person, some trouble, some sort of strife something to make you put pen to paper again. I had found that and lost it as well.
I have others that i cannot bring myself to post on here. But these that are newer, are alot better. I also have a few in the works as well.
Things are turning around now for me..... I am getting back to where I once was, be it mentally, emotionally and physically.
Thanks for your support and thank you all for everything. i hope you enjoy these writings. feel free to add comments. and yes, i appreciate any and all imput. Updates

My Love

running through rain, some shelter to find
your trembling in my arms, love made me blind
to be with you and hold you, all through the day
to want you and would love to, marry you someday
to glimpse upon your face, both by day and by eve
this longing to be together, a future we could weave
from april to may, june through september
our love is full of passion, it is one to remember
from rivers to paddle, to mountians so high

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