Brian Joseph Dickenson

Rookie (Not dead yet. Born in the first half of the last century. / Liverpool, England)

Brian Joseph Dickenson Poems

1. Autumn 3/12/2006
2. War 3/13/2006
3. Ginger. The Workshop Cat. (A True Tale) 3/26/2006
4. Christmas. 3/26/2006
5. Dreaming 3/28/2006
6. Drifting 3/29/2006
7. Dreaming Of You 3/21/2006
8. In The Beginning 3/21/2006
9. Heart Attack 3/21/2006
10. Housework 3/21/2006
11. S.C.U.B.A. 3/22/2006
12. Death 3/23/2006
13. My Garden 3/23/2006
14. Why Did You Go? 3/23/2006
15. The Storm 3/17/2006
16. Old Men 3/18/2006
17. Touching, (In Memory Of Jean) 3/24/2006
18. What If 4/22/2006
19. The Truly Beautiful Game 8/16/2006
20. Max 3/21/2006
21. Shooting 8/9/2006
22. Morning Coffee 3/14/2006
23. Iraq & Wmd's 3/23/2006
24. Merchant Marine 3/12/2006
25. Armageddon 4/8/2006
26. Age 3/29/2006
27. Writers Block 3/14/2006
28. Tall Ship 3/20/2006
29. A Screaming Silence 3/26/2006
30. Memories 3/20/2006
31. Knight Of Old 3/13/2006

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Best Poem of Brian Joseph Dickenson

Knight Of Old

I’m girding my loins for the war that’s begun
It won’t be a bloody war.
Just one in fun.

I’ve picked up my sword; it’s a tad rusty
But believe you me
It’s ever so trusty.

I’d be the Queen’s champion,
If I had a Queen.
But until I do, I can always dream.

My armour, it’s battered; a little like me
But I’ll fly my flag proudly,
For the enemy to see.

My horse is a donkey, but he doesn't know it.
He’s covered in padding,
So he doesn’t show it.

I need someone now, help me into my saddle
In the old days I could do it,
With a ...

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Writers Block

Fingers poised above my keys,
Waiting for inspiration.
Brain not working, nothing coming.
Cerebral constipation.

Sometimes the words rush through my head,
Then Niagara Falls is flowing.
I normally have a lot to say,
But now maybe, it’s going.

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