Brian Joseph Dickenson

Rookie (Not dead yet. Born in the first half of the last century. / Liverpool, England)

Brian Joseph Dickenson Poems

1. Ginger. The Workshop Cat. (A True Tale) 3/26/2006
2. Christmas. 3/26/2006
3. Dreaming 3/28/2006
4. Drifting 3/29/2006
5. Age 3/29/2006
6. The Storm 3/17/2006
7. Old Men 3/18/2006
8. Memories 3/20/2006
9. Dreaming Of You 3/21/2006
10. In The Beginning 3/21/2006
11. Heart Attack 3/21/2006
12. Housework 3/21/2006
13. S.C.U.B.A. 3/22/2006
14. Death 3/23/2006
15. My Garden 3/23/2006
16. Why Did You Go? 3/23/2006
17. Autumn 3/12/2006
18. Knight Of Old 3/13/2006
19. War 3/13/2006
20. Writers Block 3/14/2006
21. Touching, (In Memory Of Jean) 3/24/2006
22. A Screaming Silence 3/26/2006
23. What If 4/22/2006
24. The Truly Beautiful Game 8/16/2006
25. Max 3/21/2006
26. Armageddon 4/8/2006
27. Shooting 8/9/2006
28. Morning Coffee 3/14/2006
29. Iraq & Wmd's 3/23/2006
30. Merchant Marine 3/12/2006
31. Tall Ship 3/20/2006

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Tall Ship

Clambering down from the cliffs above, down to the shore below.
Running up to the salt sea edge to watch the tall ship go.
To watch the tall ship go my lad, to watch the tall ship go.
Sailing across the seven seas wherever the winds should blow.

Sailing away to foreign climes. Braving the oceans wrath.
Carrying cargoes of metal ware and colourful bales of cloth.
Making her way to distant ports, through tempests, storm and hell.
Fearing of the greeny deeps, wherein the monsters dwell.

The crew can't swim, what's the point a thousand miles from shore.
'Man ...

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A screaming silence envelops the land,
Ghostly armies are marching.
Not even the sound of a muffled drum
To mark the soldiers passing.

A desolate landscape, torn and seared,
Blood soaking into the earth.
Ragged banners wave to and fro,
Freedom struggling to birth.

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