Brian Mayo

Gold Star - 12,344 Points [the cheese whisperer] (1960)

Brian Mayo Poems

41. Poem's End 3/7/2016
42. A Piem 1/11/2016
43. A New Leaf 11/11/2015
44. Willy Wonka And The Bankruptcy 10/24/2015
45. The World's Most Dangerous Poem 10/18/2015
46. Wizard Of Oz-A Requiem 10/20/2015
47. Wheel Meet Again 10/21/2015
48. The Poem That Almost Wasn't 10/22/2015
49. Poem Discovered On Cave Wall 11/13/2015
50. Jesus At Anger Management 11/1/2015
51. Sonnet: Upstream 3/12/2016
52. Christian Cars 3/5/2016
53. Confessions Of The Pope 2/22/2016
54. Limerick - Lady Named Pam 2/6/2016
55. Before Poetry- Haiku 10/23/2015
56. Once 5/16/2016
57. She Hated Poetry 3/11/2016
58. How To Write A Poem 3/9/2016
59. One-Vowel Haiku (A) 10/18/2015
60. The Possum 10/20/2015
61. Panning For Poems 12/7/2015
62. Wild Poppy 11/23/2015
63. My Great And Terrific Poem 10/26/2015
64. Steal This Poem 10/24/2015
Best Poem of Brian Mayo

Steal This Poem

Here’s a poem for you to steal
Just take it; don’t be shy
I’m sure the man who wrote it has
An adequate supply.

It’s just the poem you’re looking for-
Amusing and succinct
Yet bad enough for people to
Believe it’s one you inked.

You simply highlight all the text
And copy with one click
Then paste it anywhere you want
It’s really just that quick.

Don’t stop now; just one more step
And then this poem you’ll claim
It’s really just a little thing…
You’ve got to sign your name.

(your name here)

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The Possum

My father was a poet and my mother was depressed
The bed that she got pregnant on was quickly repossessed
Now homeless, she gave birth to me on cold November ground
And there she left me lay because I only weighed a pound

I struggled to the gutter seeking warmth, but finding none
I wondered if my life was ending ‘fore it had begun
I knew I needed shelter; knew my time was growing short
And so I started screaming as a loud and last resort

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