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Brian Potthast Poems

1. Through Him 3/26/2005
2. My Space 3/26/2005
3. Standing Alone On A Cool Fall Day 2/24/2005
4. Trust 4/6/2005
5. Each New Day 2/25/2005
6. The Truth 5/28/2005
7. Your Eyes 2/24/2005
8. My Struggle 3/16/2005
9. What It Takes 5/28/2005
10. Eyes 5/28/2005
11. Sometimes 5/28/2005
12. Thoughts Of The Day 5/28/2005
13. Here It Is 5/28/2005
14. One Step Back 5/28/2005
15. What If 5/28/2005
16. Questions Abundant 3/13/2005
17. So Careless Yet Conserned 3/13/2005
18. Scars 11/12/2005
19. Gone 11/12/2005
20. Time 2/24/2005
21. Her 2/24/2005
22. Beauty 3/26/2005
23. Secret 2/24/2005
24. Her Eyes 3/26/2005
25. Under The Sunset Sky 2/24/2005

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Best Poem of Brian Potthast

Her Eyes

Your big beautiful eyes
Like a deep brown ocean
Full of hope and admiration
I see beauty in your eyes
But all you do is deny
That you have beauty in any way
It doesn’t matter what I say
You’ll never believe what is true
Going around, acting so blue
Hoping no one looks at you
Keeping everything to yourself
This can’t be good for your health

The beauty that only few see
It strikes hard and electrifies me
Waking me up, jarring my brain
Hoping I have a chance again
To be with you, beauty so true
And help you with problems that exist
To ...

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What’s the use, why should I try?
If I push any farther I’ll lose my mind
I’ve gone as far as I can go
I’ve learned the most I’ll ever know
It seems giving up is the best chance
To leave this place I can’t enhance
The worst seems to come from the best
Bringing them close letting them in
Allowing them to know the secrets hidden