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81. Lasting Love 7/28/2013
82. Alas The Dawn 8/2/2013
83. Ready Meal 8/5/2013
84. Strangers On The Shore 8/2/2013
85. On The Track 9/4/2013
86. Man 9/21/2013
87. Halloween War 10/27/2013
88. Halloween Bliss 10/29/2013
89. Granny 3/28/2014
90. Views On High 3/28/2014
91. Another War 3/28/2014
92. Thoughts Of Newton 7/6/2014
93. A Tear Fell 7/20/2014
94. The Glorious Twelfth 8/11/2014
95. Scotland 9/15/2014
96. A B C D 7/24/2013
97. The Bed's Too Big. 7/24/2013
98. Fast Food 9/20/2012
99. Plum Tree Saga. 3/14/2012
100. Gotcha 12/19/2011
101. High Flier 10/11/2011
102. Boadicea..A Different View. 11/1/2011
103. Fishing 10/22/2011
104. Chainsaw Massacre Again 9/26/2011
105. A Hornet Among Us. 11/24/2013
106. Golden Oldies. 5/28/2012
107. Litterbugs 10/1/2011
108. Alone 8/25/2013
109. A Horse, A Horse 2/8/2013
110. Territory 2/11/2013
111. Ready For Work 1/2/2013
112. Big Ben 9/14/2012
113. Peace At Last 12/5/2012
114. Aniversary 10/13/2011
115. A Galant Lady. 11/7/2011
116. Who Killed Cock Robin? 1/31/2012

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Who Killed Cock Robin?

What a calamity!
What is this that has befallen the valley?
No dawn chorus
No Shep, the sheepdog to meet the bus
Simon rooster has no wish to crow
Mellow lark has no get-up-and go
Natures community has never known it so dark
As the days wear on, still they come
We can’t say when the homage will be done
Who could commit this mortal sin
Still..cold..lifeless lies Cock Robin
Inspector Mole, determined to find the killer
Scrutinises all, in effort to identify the sinner
There may be a list of suspects and many a confession
To find the truth he will make...

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Chainsaw Massacre Again

An arborial life is lost
it may not have been burnt, but it's been slashed
the wicked ringbark
a slow death like lost fins of a shark

it may struggle and throw out sprouts
it speaks another language so you dont hear it's shouts
all over the world man does this deed
he has no excuse but greed

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