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41. Untitled 3 11/27/2012
42. Untitled 2 11/27/2012
43. Untitled 1 11/27/2012
44. Euronight Train 11/27/2012
45. Perforated 11/27/2012
46. Train 11/27/2012
47. Your Day, My Night 11/27/2012
48. Snow On A Florida Mind 11/27/2012
49. Snowset 11/27/2012
50. Eyes Can'T Lie 11/27/2012
51. Explain The Cold 11/27/2012
52. Subtle Lullaby 11/27/2012
53. Uncertain Surrender 11/27/2012
54. Skin And Memory 11/27/2012
55. They Are All Blue Cars 11/27/2012
56. Leave It Behind You 11/27/2012
57. They Were Both Alone 11/27/2012
58. Life Game 11/27/2012
59. Teary Uncertainty 11/27/2012
60. Pavement 12/16/2012
61. Fever Dream 12/16/2012
62. Wishes Of Dreams Repeated 12/23/2012
63. Tiny Dancer In The Hall 11/27/2012
64. Blurred In A Snowstorm 11/27/2012

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Tiny Dancer In The Hall

She stands in hallways
Far from uneventful; unnoticed perhaps.
The world is her stage.
She hears her own ballet
and twirls.
Dances like an angel.

But the world has her jaded.
She dreams of songbirds.
If she could sing,
her toes would not be so squared.
Her fans stare on, hoping for
a moment- sublime.

She stands, a study in realism.
Legs tremble...she will never
fit the part.
True hearts are true
but never a vision of perfection,
always somehow abrasive.

She pirouettes and
fabric flutters like ...

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Another Sleepless Night

Another sleepless night in paradise.
In dreams, I chase mice,
Or rats...
Anything to soil this sterility.

Sometimes I dream that I'm an astronaut
As my room looks the same.
No widows; sealed door.
Outside it might be beautiful or dangerous.

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