Brian Taylor

Silver Star - 3,312 Points (England)

Biography of Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor poet

Brian Taylor is a poet and philosopher presently living in Cornwall, England and the Far East.

Brian Taylor's Works:

'Blondin & Other Poems' (2006)
'Bamboo Leaves' (2007)
'Oxford Poems' (2008)
'Blindness-Kindness' (1968)
'Going Out There is No Other' (1995)
'Coming Back There Is No Trace' (2005)
Gnomonic Verses 2013
Vienna 2009

'CENTRE The Truth about Everything' (2011)
'Vajras Dorjes' (2011)
'The Universal Octopus & Mr Tao' (2013)
Basic Buddhism for a World in Trouble 2006
Dependent Origination explanation of Buddha's Paticcasamuppada 2009
Sanyojana Buddha's Doctrine of Ten Fetters 2010
The Five Buddhist Precepts 1995
The Living Waters of Buddhism 1995
Buddhism and Drugs 1995
What is Buddhism? 1995
Basic Buddhist Meditation 1995
'Basic Buddhism For A World In Trouble' (2006)
'Dependent Origination' (2009)
'The Ten Fetters' (2010) Updates

Oxford: Michaelmas

Christ Church meadow
is awash with driving rain
and a wind which bites the skin
and chills the blood within.
Its paths are sticky, yellow mud.
And the Cherwell, brown and dull,
slips ever higher.
Ducks, moorhens, squirrels
endure it.

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