Brian Wake

Rookie (Liverpool)

Biography of Brian Wake

Brian Wake poet

Writer, publisher and promoter of poetry for many years.8 books of poetry published. Work broadcast and published internationally.
Organised poetry events and open mic sessions for Sefton Council in Merseyside. Readings have involved
most of the biggest names in contemporary poetry.
Most recent publication, 'Etcetera - new and selected poems.'
Read at poetry events and readings throughout the UK.

Brian Wake's Works:

Ghost Of Myselves (Second Aeon 1968)
Stars (Driftwood 1972)
Doing Nothing (Windows 1975)
Into Hiding (Headland 1992)
Unbuilding The Ark (Headland 1998)
Raining Upwards (Driftwood 2000)
So What ((Driftwood 2003)
Etcetera (Headland 2011) Updates


We graze for hours through the densely structured arguments
about what is and what is not, the genesis of patterns framed
and hung for all to see. But we are prisoners.

Have taken for granted that a fundamental mark
of our distinction is the time somebody takes to understand
that we are not the cut-out clouds they thought, constrained
by all their own subjective contours, not mere inkblots
or the accidental shape of cattle, chiaroscuro cows abstracted

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