Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao

Biography of Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao

Not much to say. I was born and grew up here on Oahu Hawaii. Born from Filipino parents that imigated here in the late 70's. I have been writing poetry since the late 90's just as a time killer then became more interested in poetry in college and attended a two classes on poetry and publishing.

Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao's Works:

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Tainted Hope

Is it sane to miss the girl I never met.
To dream her image and not regret,
To die alone through blood and sweat,
To sculpt the man she would accept,
To finally realize I’m full of shit?

She will not come,
I’m feel so dumb,
And all my dreams has fallen numb.

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