Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao

Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao Poems

1. Spectrum Of You 8/20/2006
2. Dont Wake For Me 3/30/2007
3. No Body Listens 4/10/2007
4. Self? ? ? 5/16/2007
5. Reminisce 6/29/2007
6. Signing Soldiers 6/29/2007
7. Beyond My Desk 8/2/2007
8. Last Rose 8/3/2006
9. The Bed Of A Modern Man 8/10/2006
10. Arise Pheonix 4/8/2007
11. I Saw The Dragon On His Arm 7/7/2007
12. Lay With You 4/15/2011
13. Love Letter 2003 4/15/2011
14. Night's Eyes 4/15/2011
15. Agnostic Prayers 4/15/2011
16. Losers Never Win 4/15/2011
17. Heart Break Angel 4/15/2011
18. Unhappy Ending 4/15/2011
19. Whatever Happened To The Slow Dance? 4/15/2011
20. What I Can’t Say 4/15/2011
21. The Igorot In The Photo 4/15/2011
22. Drive Way 8/3/2006
23. The Shadows You Neglect 8/3/2006
24. Unfinished Art 8/3/2006
25. Not A Cindarella Story 8/11/2006
26. Tainted Hope 8/11/2006
27. Wolf 8/11/2006
28. Beauty Amongst Beast 6/18/2007
29. Soundtrack To My Life 6/30/2007
30. The Rifles Call 7/7/2007
31. On Sight 8/11/2006
32. Breathe 4/8/2007

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I have never met you yet I mourn your sorrows
Tears run down my cheeks as every line of your letter shreds at my being.
Flash backs play a life I was strong enough to walk away from
But never forgetting the path I once walked alone.
I once asked for others to cry for me.
Now I wish only to cry with you.
Love is of no objective,
Life is of utter importance.
Do not bear the burden alone
For I shall carry you on my back
If you fall to weak to run from the cowardly lion.
To open fields I shall bring you to run free.
Where no corners appear for you to curl up ...

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Drive Way

Black, white, brown, silver, blue, red;
They all pass me by as I sit on the tail gate of my fathers pickup truck.
I stare at the road aimlessly thinking of which way to run
as the mountains call out my name in a passing breeze.
I await my first true step over the crease on the concrete
that separates the driveway from the side walk I was told to fear.
The world mocks me as it passes only inches from my face
as on goers laugh at my dreams through their corneas.
Conveying false realities

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