Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao

Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao Poems

1. Spectrum Of You 8/20/2006
2. Dont Wake For Me 3/30/2007
3. No Body Listens 4/10/2007
4. Self? ? ? 5/16/2007
5. Reminisce 6/29/2007
6. Signing Soldiers 6/29/2007
7. Beyond My Desk 8/2/2007
8. Last Rose 8/3/2006
9. The Bed Of A Modern Man 8/10/2006
10. Arise Pheonix 4/8/2007
11. I Saw The Dragon On His Arm 7/7/2007
12. Lay With You 4/15/2011
13. Love Letter 2003 4/15/2011
14. Night's Eyes 4/15/2011
15. Agnostic Prayers 4/15/2011
16. Losers Never Win 4/15/2011
17. Heart Break Angel 4/15/2011
18. Unhappy Ending 4/15/2011
19. Whatever Happened To The Slow Dance? 4/15/2011
20. What I Can’t Say 4/15/2011
21. The Igorot In The Photo 4/15/2011
22. Drive Way 8/3/2006
23. The Shadows You Neglect 8/3/2006
24. Unfinished Art 8/3/2006
25. Not A Cindarella Story 8/11/2006
26. Tainted Hope 8/11/2006
27. Wolf 8/11/2006
28. Beauty Amongst Beast 6/18/2007
29. Soundtrack To My Life 6/30/2007
30. The Rifles Call 7/7/2007
31. On Sight 8/11/2006
32. Breathe 4/8/2007

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I have never met you yet I mourn your sorrows
Tears run down my cheeks as every line of your letter shreds at my being.
Flash backs play a life I was strong enough to walk away from
But never forgetting the path I once walked alone.
I once asked for others to cry for me.
Now I wish only to cry with you.
Love is of no objective,
Life is of utter importance.
Do not bear the burden alone
For I shall carry you on my back
If you fall to weak to run from the cowardly lion.
To open fields I shall bring you to run free.
Where no corners appear for you to curl up ...

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Unfinished Art

Some souls die
from the duration of deafened ears.
The amplification of internal voices volleying
from temple to temple,
body to soul,
from the heart to tips of tongues.
Braking down reality
to establish dreams,
and releasing a myriad nightmares.

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