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41. Love In The Night 2/3/2011
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Love In The Night

I don't want you to be perfect, for no one
can ever be. But you were first in line
so I fished you from the sea. Of people
that is, they all looked fine. And elegance
gleamed there face. And there you were.
How I perceived your grace out of all
the jeweled fabrics, I know not. But you
were the one I saw. Not him. Not her.
Just you. Only you. And you found me
among the see of drifting eyes. Who
cared what they thought. They only knew
the cost and not the value of love. So we met.
And we embraced. I saw a thousand miles
in your eyes as you held your...

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If I Died Tomorrow

If I died tomorrow
You would never know
All the things I felt for you
That I would never show

If I died tomorrow
We would never see
If we had a future
If together we would be

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