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Hello, I'm brianna. Im 13 years of age and i loove to write. After a painful experience i learned that writing about mii feelings was better than taking it out on myself. I lived in new york but was forced to move to pennsylvania. i guess im stuck here till college but its not as bad as it may seem. I guess yu can say im yur 'average' american gurl. what ever that means. but i realized, sometimes tryin to fitt it only makes yu stand out more... from the eyes of me <3 Updates

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Tears flood to my eyes. This can't be our last goodbye. You made me feel like i was on the tallest mountain, but then she came and it began to crumble. You said I was the water in your ocean but now she's the air on your earth. You said i was the garden of your life, but now she's the rose in your garden. You said i was your one and only, but it tu

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