Brianna Mabbitt

Biography of Brianna Mabbitt

~ Simply put I'm a songwriter and guitarist
~im still learning guitar
~besides writing I just listen to music
~hang out with friends
~talk on the phone
~Most of my song writing inspiration comes from things i went through or my friends have been through
~mostly about boys and how f***ed up our lives are
~i only post my favorite peoms i've written on here
~i hope to have a band and we get a record deal
~ i would play guitar write the songs and back-up vocals
~thats all to know about me! Updates


Okay so all my poems are more like song lyrics! just pointin that out...

You've cried until you
couldnt let out one more tear drop
day after day
until you feel better 'bout yourself
i remember what you said
how you cant take anymore
how you cant stand to breathe with

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