Brianna Mabbitt

Biography of Brianna Mabbitt

~ Simply put I'm a songwriter and guitarist
~im still learning guitar
~besides writing I just listen to music
~hang out with friends
~talk on the phone
~Most of my song writing inspiration comes from things i went through or my friends have been through
~mostly about boys and how f***ed up our lives are
~i only post my favorite peoms i've written on here
~i hope to have a band and we get a record deal
~ i would play guitar write the songs and back-up vocals
~thats all to know about me! Updates

Rock Bottom

I've officially hit rock bottom
come on down with me and see
how cold it is
I can see your tears from up there
i dont have any tissue but how could i get
it to you anyways?
As i tripped off the ledge
you held your arm out and i reched out you pulled yours back and kicked me in
i landed on my face i guess i deserve that

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