Brianna Micheals

Rookie (10-15-91)

Biography of Brianna Micheals

I was once like every other 'normal' girl. But I'm not anymore, I'm tired of people telling me what to do, I am totally rebellious and yet, I find myself doing what others would not...I try to be 'normal' infront of my parents but I don't see why they can't except me for who I am. I love black because its the only color that discribes me. I want to be free. No rules, No one to judge me, and No one to hate me. I am everything but 'normal'. Updates

The Jump

I stare into an empty abyss...
the place where I still see your face,
This will be the very last time.
the days had gone cold without your warmth
and I look down before I jump.
Then I get my last breath from
a dark and cold death.

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