Brianna Micheals

Rookie (10-15-91)

Biography of Brianna Micheals

I was once like every other 'normal' girl. But I'm not anymore, I'm tired of people telling me what to do, I am totally rebellious and yet, I find myself doing what others would not...I try to be 'normal' infront of my parents but I don't see why they can't except me for who I am. I love black because its the only color that discribes me. I want to be free. No rules, No one to judge me, and No one to hate me. I am everything but 'normal'. Updates

Inside Out

all around me,
they all stare.
they take one look and judge.
they don't understand.
I'm not like them.
I'm colorful on the inside,
but black on the outside.
nobody likes to be alone.
I just wan't some friends.
will anybody see me for who I am?
I'm not like them.
I'm just a girl who's not like others.
I'm me.

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