brianna plancarte

Rookie (aug 28th 1991 / denver)

Biography of brianna plancarte

Im bri im a sophomore in highschool and im 16. I love poetry and i love toe express myself by writing beause i never can speak, its not that i cant speak its just that when i do i never really know what to say and when i want to say something that seems like it is wrong i normally keep silent...and if i do say it out loud i end up regreting it. I dont like it at all.

brianna plancarte's Works:

Well Im in the middle of writing a book called Highway Between Heaven and Hell. Updates

Slowly Dying

internal bleeding
inside and killing slowly through my body
cant you see the tears
cause i cant make it on my own
i told you i love you
but you didnt listen
NOw look what you did
you killed me
my soul isnt as kind as it used to be

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