Brianna Townsend

Biography of Brianna Townsend

I write from my heart. Nothing else. The things i write about are mostly from experience, that's the only way i can write. I can't really see through someone elses mind or how they feel, i only know how i feel, sometimes im not even sure about that. I write the most when im angry, upset, sad, depressed...sometimes happy. My moods change, im not perfect not one bit. Updates


He's standing on the ledge all alone,
Waiting for someone to come and take him home.
He wants to know if anyones there,
needs to know if someone cares.

She's with that boy she thinks she knows,
He wants to move faster, she wants to take it slow.
She tells him no, and tries to get free,
He whispers in her ear, you better not tell anyone about me.

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