Bridget Bush

Rookie (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)

Bridget Bush Poems

1. Dream A Little Scream For Me 6/12/2005
2. A Few More Days 6/12/2005
3. Dirty Little Cut 6/12/2005
4. This Smiling Face 6/12/2005
5. Finished Chapter 6/12/2005
6. My Little Muse 6/12/2005
7. Urn's Heart 6/12/2005
8. Little Girl 6/12/2005
9. Broken Friendship 6/12/2005
10. Night Of Sentencing 6/12/2005
11. Methodist Priest 6/12/2005
12. Drunk 6/12/2005
13. The Music 6/12/2005
14. Drowning 6/12/2005
15. Nymph Of Ten And Twenty Two Years 6/12/2005
16. After The Five Days Of Bliss 6/12/2005
17. Nothing Is Sweeter Than That 6/12/2005
18. Catholic Heretic 10/30/2005
19. I Made Grammy Cry! 10/30/2005
20. Pardon Me While I Laugh 6/12/2005
21. Jealousy 6/12/2005
22. Vicodin: A Quitters Dilemma 6/12/2005
23. Repressed Memories 6/16/2005
24. A Much Better Release 6/12/2005
25. Breakdown 6/15/2005
26. Abuse Means Love 6/15/2005
27. Dry 6/16/2005
28. But A Sip 9/29/2005
29. Open Door 9/29/2005
30. Don'T I Know You? 9/29/2005
31. She Is But Dead To Me 9/30/2005
32. Profound Revelation 9/30/2005
33. 'I Love Yogurt' 9/30/2005
34. Just That One Thing As Told To Me By Anita 9/30/2005
35. No Trust Realization 9/30/2005
36. Errs 10/1/2005
37. I'Ll Find Myself 10/1/2005
38. Cole, Cole Get Up Off Of Your Knees 10/1/2005
39. Wait For Me 10/1/2005
40. Bryar 10/26/2005
Best Poem of Bridget Bush

Thank You, Thank You

Thank you, thank you
I've lifted me up where you left me down
Brushed off the water when you left me to drown
For all the hurt you gave to me
And all the lies you made me see
I thank you, thank you
For being a mistake I learned from
instead of always giving I'll take some
Making yourself the one I love to hate
Opening my eyes before it's too late
so I thank you, thank you
I want much more from life than you can give
I want to die happy, but first I want to live
You're the one that made it possible it's true
For showing me I don't want to be like ...

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Pardon Me While I Laugh

Two girls in one week is that what it is?
You have a great track record going for you
Pardon me while I laugh about it
You drag yourself down just to get sympathy
Little do you know, you're not getting it from me
Why should I feel sorry for you?
One day you're asking about me
The next, you're wondering about someone else
Whatever helps you sleep at night

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